Extending Your Voice
Using Google Voice, Google Sites, and Google App Engine

This 22 minute video is a re-recording of a presentation by Wes Dean for the 2011 EDUCAUSE NERCOMP Conference on Google Apps at UMass Amherst on December 6, 2011.  The content was updated in June of 2012 after several significant updates to Google Sites, Google App Engine, the availability of Google Cloud SQL, and the ability to connect Obihai devices to Google Voice accounts.

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This video was a webinar presented by Wes Dean of KDA Web Technologies.  Wes Dean is a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist and a Google Apps Trusted Tester.  KDA Web Technologies is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.  We can help you at all stages of your organization's adoption of Google Apps, from initial planning and consulting through deployment and migration, to training and customization.